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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

(C75) Dragon Quest of Nakedness, by Nagaredamaya

Now this is by various artists but it's tagged as being by Nagaredamaya. I don't know if this is sort some of super-circle, the name of the most famous artist or just a generic terms for a group of artists... Well the cover is done by an artist I really like named Bang-You.

I don't actually know what Dragon Quest the girl in the horned blue armour is from. That aside, this contains some Jessica and DQVIII hero, Deborah, female Loto and female warrior getting attacked and raped in one of the messiest and hardest to follow stories I've ever seen in a doujinshi and probably a few other things I've forgotten about. It's basically all DQIII and V with one DQVIII story and one or two DQIV omake pics.

I'm in a bit of a rush trying to get as much C75 as I can since there's a bit of a race going on between e-Hentai and Fakku!, or so it seems.

Mediafire download
Cover artist's website

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[C75] [SLG] o tsukai dorakii

A very quick post just to share this Dragon Quest h-game fresh from C75. I haven't even downloaded it myself yet so I can't tell you any more about it than that.

Megaupload download

Monday, December 29, 2008

クエストII~かっしょくしまい が あらわれた! by Zankoku Domei

A game featuring Meena and Maya that I just found on 4chan. It starts out with a DQIV (NES) style battle and then given you a choice between Meena and Maya. You then see the girl you chose in a scene with tentacles waving around and you can add or remove tentacles.

It's really confusing and I'm not sure how to make any progress. So far it's technically not hentai since you don't see any nudity, penetration or anything else. Maybe you can figure it out better than I could.

Megaupload download
Mediafire download to be added

Artist's website unknown

Sunday, December 28, 2008

sirC Commission:Midnight Escalator, by D.N.A.Lab & Arestica (Persona 4)

I recently commissioned a translation from sirC, who you may know as the person that translates a lot of Juan Gotoh doujinshi. I'm really pleased with this translation, a great attention to detail is evident here. The doujinshi has a blue/green tint to it, rather than just being black and white, and sirC put the text in the same shade of blue so it didn't look simply Photoshopped over. He also hasn't played any of the Persona games but he took the time to do a little research to make sure that the correct terms were used.

Characters: Rise and Naoto.

Keywords: oral, nipple tweaking, facial and of course regular sex.

Mediafire download
Password: Si_13746

sirC's translation blog (already in this blog's link section)
sirC Commissions

Arestica's website
D.N.A.Lab's website

If you like these artists, there's a Dragon Quest doujinshi that they've done that is on this blog. You can find it here.

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free image hostfree image hostfree image host

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all of you! Dragon Quest Christmas images seem rather rare but I did manage to find this slightly disturbing one...

Anyway, as a sort of present to you I thought it would be good to link you to someone else's Mediafire account; lazy as it may be, you should enjoy downloading the fifteen CG sets he has, by the artist named I's. Well, fifteen minus the ones that I've already uploaded in the past.

Not to raise your hopes but more may becoming after I go to sleep and wake up "tomorrow" (or later on today, to be more accurate. It's just that it feels more like late night Christmas Eve than Christmas itself at the moment).

15 I's HCG sets (in a Mediafire folder)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shokushu Gaarawareta!, by Absolute

Another very short doujinshi, in fact even shorter this time. I guess it's just making up for the huge one yesterday. This time we have the female sage from DQIII getting raped by tentacles with her belly inflating because of it.

Far cleaner art this time with sold lines but still a fairly quick little bit of work. More of a demo or trial than a full game, metaphorically speaking.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Mouhitotsuno Kekku Hatsu Yoru, by CASMANIA

This guy's doujinshi have been uploaded a couple of times before and one of them had an almost identical name, though since I don't know what the title means I can't really figure out what the theme is. Anyone know what "Kekku Hatsu Yoru" means?

This is a short and somewhat sketchy doujinshi focusing on Deborah. If you don't mind sketchy art, you should enjoy this. In fact, I'm usually put off by sketchy art but I still think this is pretty good; it's a good artist quickly putting out some work rather than a shit artist making a mess of it. Still make no mistake, this is a really sketchy piece of work - the artist has just written the speech bubble in pen and hasn't deleted the pencil work from within them.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sekai Ki no Kagayaki, by Houruri

This is quite a big doujinshi, about 80 pages long and all focused on Dragon Quest III. I'll split up the keywords into the different stories:

Story 1
Characters: Female sage with various male party member and a moth enemy.
Keywords: forced, double penetration

Story 2
Characters: Female warrior and female jester with various male party members and some monsters
Keywords: forced, double penetration, oral, anal

Story 3
Characters: Female merchant with male sage
Keywords: tit fuck (and then "normal" sex).

Story 4
Characters: Female cleric and various male party members
Keywords: Forced, gangbang, oral

Story 5
Characters: Male and female fighters
Keywords: forced, clothes rip, creampie

There are also various omake pictures throughout, mainly featuring various DQIII girls but there's also some pictures of Bianca, Maribel, Aira and Alena.

Mediafire download

Artist's website unknown

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Very interesting DQIX information

Nothing to say apart from: Read this guy's blog. Really, there's a whole host of new and interesting DQIX information over there. We're not just talking about light conjecture or vague info but rather we're talking about info on a new class, on new monster types and who that angel girl is... And more.

Seriously, that blogger seems to kick a lot of ass when it comes to gathering videogame information. I wish I was as dedicated to that as I am to drinking lager, downloading hentai and playing RPGs in every second of spare time I have.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bianca Story 2, by Crimson Comics

You have Final Fantasy XII and Persona 4 to blame for the two week delay in posting. Damn, considering I was really unimpressed with FFXII the first time through, it sure took a huge bite out of my time when I thought I'd give it a second chance.

For this update we have a doujinshi that I actually uploaded for sharing about a fortnight ago but then forgot to post on DQT. Doh! Well better late than never, right?

The "plot" of Bianca Story 2 is pretty simple and typical of this artist. She starts out by fingering herself and when she cums, our attention is brought to a ring she is wearing. Cue flashback of the priest who gave her the ring... Who then oils up his hands and grabs her tits. He ties her up and proceeds to oil up her inner thighs before fingering her. There's then a load of variations on touching tits and touching vagOOO before Bianca flees and is raped outside by a few generic guys.

The prequel to this doujinshi can be found here.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yet more DQIX screens and class info

Well waiting for press released on DQIX is like waiting for a bus; you wait years for one and then several come along at once (is that just a British figure of speech?) Here we have yet more screenshots and previews of the different classes that will be making an appearance in the next Dragon Quest game.

What am I referring to? Well this is one set of screens, and this is an almost identical page.

I think seeing these images of the different classes alongside various battle scenes featuring them is the first time I've really, strongly felt "this game is going to be really good". Seeing some of the plot-centric NPC characters gave me a similar feeling but it's really nice to see some clearly defined previews of the classes in action - I guess it's because these are the sorts of images you'll tend to see in the game's manual.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Adventurers, by Fig

A CG set by Fig - who I'm sure has gone by a different name before, but this is what it says on DLsite - featuring Meena, Maya and predominantloy the DQIV hero. There's more by this artist to come in future updates.

Keywords: tentacle, yuri, impregnantion, inflation, big tits, egg laying, oral, bukkake, forced

Mediafire download

Artist's website unknown