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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yuji Horii Interview

RPGamer interviewed Yuji Horii about the DS remakes, his favourite DQ game and puff-puffs.
We have to ask… could you explain the origin of the running "puff puff" jokes?

Horii: The joke originally comes from Akira Toriyama's comics. In Japanese, it sort of mixes the sound of a woman applying makeup and that of someone getting a massage, while also leaving quite a bit to the individual player's imagination. Unfortunately, what "puff puff" means to me is top secret. My lips are sealed.
You can the full interview here.

Inbai Manya Pafupafu Koyasei Katsu 2, by Insert

Main character: Maya

Keywords: Gangbang, big tits, large nipples, double penetration, oral, handjobs, facial, tit fuck, bukkake, prostitution

Artwork: Same as cover throughout - full colour.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Monday, September 29, 2008

High-end Nyurun CG collection vol 9 (Munou Party), by Nora Higuma

An absolutely stunning CG set by Nora Higuma. It focuses exclusively on the Dragon Quest III girls with its beautiful, full-colour artwork.

Main characters: The female classes of Dragon Quest III, including the hero but not including the jester or thief.

Other characters: Some priest guy who's possibly meant to be a particular NPC and a shota who appears in two images.

Keywords: futa (the hero), forced, tentacles, big tits, small tits, tit fuck, handjob, facial, oral, fingering, breast squeezing, straight shota.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Uwasa no Maru Yasudee, by YA-ZY (English)

The Japanese original of this has already been posted but here's a translation done by someone called Kusanyagi. His blog is linked to at the end of this post. For my comments on this doujinshi, as well as some preview images, please see this blog post.

Mediafire download

Artist's website
Translator's blog

Dragon Quest Fever, by VENOM

Main character: Female warrior

Other characters: Various other DQIII classes appear but nothing happens with them.

Keywords: Fingering, breast squeezing, oral (both ways), female ejaculation, x-ray view, internal cumshot

Artwork: See preview pics

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Once again, sorry for the erratic nature of recent updates, sometimes with paragraphs, sometimes with just keywords, sometimes with preview images, sometimes without. It just makes it easier to update without thinking "Oh man, so now I have to go to ImageVenue to do this, then think of how to describe what happens, etc. This way I can just do as much as I feel like (or have time to do).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random pics: Alena, Maya and Meena

Just a few pics since I've been busy all night and am now too tired to upload a doujinshi or CG set. Apologies if any of them are in things I've already uploaded - they shouldn't be.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KINOKO Allstars collection, part 4: Mama wa Josenshi

I believe that means something like "Mama is a female warrior". Well, this part 4 is a little later than I'd anticipated since I went to the pub with my brother and took part in the pub quiz. We came second last - fuck yeah!

OK then, this doujinshi is another shota-esque piece from KINOKO Allstars. It's female warrior with sorta-shota male hero. Possibly insestuous due to the use of "mama" but then it could be like "obasan" when they just mean "aunty" in a slang sort of way, not literally a family member. The incestuous possibilities are underlined by the fact that the doujinshi begins with the shota in a house with the female warrior dressed as a "typical mom", cooking dinner for him.

The female warrior loses a fight to a bunch of NPCs, gets used and abused by them for a bit before the brief climax kicks in; a boy that looks about 12 to 15 having his way with her. It's fast becoming clear that this KINOKO Allstars fellow (or fellows) doesn't really vary his work too much. Then again, what hentai artist does?

Lame cultural trivia: In Japan, a woman holding her hair in her mouth means she is "available". Yes, like a whore.

Main characters: Female warrior, shota DQIII hero.

Keywords: Incest, shota, big tits, large nipples, gangbang, forced, breast squeezing, tit fuck, facial, oral, double penetration

Artwork: Not a bit different from before.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KINOKO Allstars collection, part 3: KINOKO Tsuushin z3

As you can see from the cover, in this one the focus has moved to the cleric rather than the warrior. It retains the young-looking male hero but he seems to have grown a bit as he's now the same height as the woman he's fucking.

The only thing that needs to be noted in this one is that it has what can only be described as "fake futa". The cleric enters the hero's room with what looks to be a huge erection. This seems to be confirmed when she reveals it though it's trapped in her panties. She masturbates while standing and cums but then it's revealed that it was just a strap-on; perhaps the cum was meant to be her juice being directed along some sort of tube in the dildo. Well, that's enough about the science of strap-ons...

Main characters: Female cleric, not-so-shota hero

Other characters: Female witch (nothing happens with her), female warrior (in one frame only, nothing happens with her either).

Keywords: Pseudo futa, strap-on, female ejaculation, big tits, large nipples, breast squeezing, tit fuck, oral

Artwork: Same as ever.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

KINOKO Allstars collection, part 2: KINOKO Tsuushin z2

In this doujinshi we see three female warriors and the male hero go to an inn (I assume this because of the woman with the quill pen seemingly signing them in, though since I can't read Japanese I don't know for sure) so they can have sex. It's borderline shota - the DQIII hero is meant to be 16 and here you can see that he is quite a bit smaller than the three warriors. This doujinshi is smaller than the last one, having less than half the pages.

Main characters: Three different female warriors, shota hero

Other characters: Female innkeeper (?) It would have been nice to see her get involved, but as it is she only appears in one frame...

Keywords: big tits, large nipples, orgy, breast squeezing, tit fuck, double tit fuck (like symmetrical docking), fucking one girl while fingering two others, shota.

Artwork: Same as other KINOKO Allstars stuff (see "part 1").

Mediafire download

Artist's website

KINOKO Allstars collection, part 1: KINOKO Tsuushin 6

I'll be uploading all the KINOKO Allstars doujinshi I have. As you can tell from the title of this one, there are 5 "Tsuushin" doujinshi prior to this one, but they don't feature Dragon Quest. There are then some "Tsuushin Z" doujinshi, two of which feature Dragon Quest. Finally there's a fourth one that doesn't fit into any sort of "Tsuushin" series.

KINOKO Tsuushin 6 features two stories. The first contains the female hero and a female warrior about to fight that recurring bandit boss from DQIII. Their own male party members knock them out so that the bandit guy, who seems to have bribed them to do this, can dress them up in the Pink Leotard armour that often appears in DQ... And then a Heal Slime proceeds to rape them before the bandit guy takes over.

The second story features just a female warrior. It's harder to tell what's happening here. It seems as if she fights a male jester who knocks her "battle bikini" off, then a group of peasants appear out of nowhere and rape her, with the male hero being involved somehow.

Main characters: DQIII female hero, female warriors

Other characters: female jester, DQIV female hero, female cleric, female sage (all as one-off omake pictures).

Keywords: gangbang, big tits, large nipples, nipple sucking, forced, slime, tentacles, breast squeezing, tit fuck, crying.

Artwork: Generally clean lines, solid not spectacular.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

D&QV (Kari) Sukesan no Gyakusyu, by Youkai Tamanokoshi

A short doujinshi featuring the princess from Dragon Quest II - a character rarely featured in hentai, based on what I've seen anyway. The art's pretty much average. Not bad but not great.

Keywords: Tentacles, lactation, inflation, oral, anal, double penetration, nipple-fucking, big tits, giant insertion (is that the "official" term?)

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Monday, September 22, 2008

C74: Onna Yuusha Hitori Tabi, by DA HOOTCH

Another DA HOOTCH doujinshi featuring the Dragon Quest III female hero. He really seems to like that sort of girl since everything I've seen him do has a girl that looks very similar to her, even his current frontpage image.

I think the title means "The Female Hero's Lonely Journey" or something to that effect. As usual for this artist, this doujinshi has the hero being degraded but enjoying it. She wanders from man to man with absolutely no standards whatsoever, at one point fucking a man that looks to be well over 400 pounds. The artist seems to have changed his style for this doujinshi and not for the better; compared to his earlier stuff such as Seidou Yuusha this looks less refined and actually like it's the earlier work.

Characters: DQIII female hero

Keywords: (Brace yourself...) gangbang, degradation, strange facial expressions (e.g. rolled back eyes, tongue sticking out), anal, double penetration, internal cumshots, inflation, pregnancy... And you see her giving birth to the baby which leads to breastfeeding.

Mediafire download
Artist's website

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(C74) Funky Glamorous, by D.N.A.Lab & ARESTICA

Characters: Maya, Meena

Keywords: Forced, bukkake, tit fuck, fingering, oral, breast sucking, creampie

Artwork: Great artwork. First artist is very good while second artist is slightly less skilled, in my opinion.

Mediafire download
Arestica's website
D.N.A.Lab's website

A note on the Keywords section of these posts: I won't bother writing in certain keywords for media that has far more noticeable keywords. For example, in a more romantic and/or straight forward doujinshi, I may well point out things like "sexy lingerie" or "breast squeezing" but in a doujinshi featuring several monsters gang-banging a girl I won't point out that she has nice stockings - unless the artist really seems to be going all-out to make a point of them (e.g. all the girls are wearing them, even ones that don't normally wear such clothes, or if it introduces another keyword, such as the yuri in one of today's uploads).

DQ4 Miss Feeler Slave, by I's

Japanese name: DQIVキャラ徹底凌辱【赤の書・触手奴隷嬢
Characters: Maya, Meena, DQIV female hero

Keywords: Forced, big tits, tentacles, DP, anal

Artwork: Full colour, great artwork

Mediafire download
(Artist's website unknown)

Women of a Female Slave, by I's

Japanese name: 女キャラ&超絶鬼畜触手CG集 ~牝奴隷にされし者たち~
Characters: Maya, Meena, Alena

Keywords: Forced, big tits, tentacles, DP, anal, yuri (two images of breast squeezing)

Artwork: Full colour, slightly above average line work.

Mediafire download
(Artist's website unknown)

(C74) Inn-Yan-FOR, by L.L.MILK

Main characters: Maya, Meena
Additional characters: Bianca, Deboarah (both in omake images)

Keywords: Big tits, forced, bukkake, oral

Artwork: Great quality, sometimes slightly sketchy

Mediafire download
Artist's website

Sorry about the lack of recent uploads

Damn... 2 weeks with no new uploads. Sorry about that, I've only just got back from another city (Liverpool - if it doesn't sound familiar to any of the non-British visitors, it's where the Beatles are from) and the previous two weekends before that were spent away from home too. The weekdays in between have also been very busy for me.

In an attempt to make it easier to upload doujinshi at a steadier rate I'm going cut down to the majority of posts being very brief, featuring nothing more than the upload location and a list of keywords so people can find certain themes within the site. Really, I should have done that from the start. This way I can just casually put a new doujinshi/HCG up in a spare few minutes rather than messing around with describing it or doing preview pics. I'll still put the front covers up so you can get a hint of the artwork and I'll probably go back later and put up preview pics, just like how I tend to add in the Megarotic mirrors later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

C74: Uwasa no Maru Yasudee, by YA-ZY

Focusing on Maya from Dragon Quest IV. I'm not a big fan of this doujinshi; it features content that I'd like but Maya is a bit too "BBW" for my liking and the art is fairly muddy and unclear. The whole thing is basically a gangbang with elements of bukkake and if you can put up with the fact that Maya often looks less like a dancer and more like a woman that never moves, you should be able to enjoy it.

Artist's website

Mediafire download

Monday, September 1, 2008

C74: Jaja Uma Narashi, by URA-innosq

Sorry for the unusually long wait since the last upload. I've been out the house with friends since Friday and only returned home a few hours ago. Anyway, here's another C74 doujinshi - this time focusing on Alena and the male hero. Maya and Meena also feature in it but not in hentai roles.

Only 11 days until the European release of Dragon Quest IV for the DS! Australian Dragon Quest fans get the game a day before that. It's nice to see Europe and Australia get a game a few days before North America rather than months afterwards. As I may have mentioned before, I intend to upload a lot of DQIV hentai on that day to celebrate the release and to maybe tide over those of you outside of Europe and Australia that have to wait a few extra days (and aren't using an M3 Real type device or an emulator...)

Artist's website

Mediafire download