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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strokes of Pleasure by Makouchin

I bought this earlier today from DLsite.c0m and this time I think I'll let the artist describe his own work (or maybe it's some staff..?)

To those of you who like watching a girl get nailed with her clothes on, and to those of you who like her naked, I think this is the best way to serve everyone's fetishes. You can take the basic naked sex scenes and then rewatch them with any combination of clothing that you want. Clothing includes a top, a cape, underwear, a hat, gloves, socks and more. In addition there are variations you can choose from that include bukkake, sweat, and internal ejaculations. Dragon Quest 4's Alyna explodes in Strokes of Pleasure with humans and monsters. 5 human pairings, 10 monster pairings, and one picture of her standing alone naked for a total of 16. But the combinations of pictures are unlimited!

So yeah, some human on human, some tentacle and some monster stuff (slimes, demons and other various DQ enemies). Open index.html rather than directly opening the swf files. When the man is speaking to you at the start, choose the option at the bottom (outside of the text box) to skip the conversation and get to the main event. Once you see Alena, the top box contains the clothing options while the bottom box contains the following options from top to bottom; human only, monster only, everything. Once it begins the bottom box containts Previous, Zoom and Next, in that order. The fourth option is meant to be a "return to beginning" thing, I think, but it doesn't work for me and it just makes it so I have to refresh the tab.

Artist's website

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sexial Battle D by Crimson Comics and Durandal

This is similar to DQ Fight, also made by Crimson Comics, but this time the team selection is more intuitive since it shows you the stats for each potential member. In addition, you don't just click on Japanese words and hope to hell it does something good; this time you have to apply an attack to a part of the girl's body. Each girl responds differently to different things on different areas and I believe different scenes unfold accordingly. I've played DQ Fight 2 (and will soon upload it) and I can say that Sexial Battle D plays like a polished combination between the two DQ Fight games.

Tips for non-Japanese speakers
So far I've figured out that the top selection is Attack and that selections with numbers next to them are spells. So far I've only seen Cure (which heals 100hp) and a Zing-type spell that brings people back to life with 1hp. Bear in mind that when you click on a healing spell the next thing you'll see is actually the names of your party members. Just compare them to the names at the top-right of the screen and you'll be able to heal/buff who you like.

No Mediafire or Megarotic downloads for the game because this is over 100mb. Hopefully this file host is OK but just comment if it doesn't work for you. I'll also be checking out Badongo later on to see if they allow for files over 100mb in size but it's currently down for maintenance. (Badongo download added). However, if you don't want to play the game to get the images (or just find it incomprehensible) then you can also just download the HCG set.

Crimson Comic's website

Sexial Battle D game (DivShare)
Sexial Battle D game (Badongo)
Sexial Battle D HCG (Mediafire)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yusha no Chosen (The hero's great challenge)

This is one of the Dragon Quest things I bought from the other day. It consists of 4 flash files (exe not swf), one of which is the main CG collection and some sort of short story in Japanese, while the other three are just "mini dramas" with the only images being landscapes. There's also some image files too; "omake" or "extras", if you will.

The things you'll see are mainly monster sex with a bit of inflation. It features the Dragon Quest III characters, mainly the female hero. It also has an alternate version of her (or maybe some other character cosplaying as her?) in some of the pictures and in the omake folder. There''s another section on the main menu that features characters I haven't encountered before. I haven't played all Dragon Quest games yet so I don't know if they're DQ-related or not. It's also voiced throughout.

From the main menu, click on the top option for the DQ images and the bottom option for the others. You'll see a visual novel begin and if you go through it all you'll be taken to the gallery. Alternatively you can just press Enter and you'll be taken straight there. Once you select an image, clicking or moving the mouse on the right side of the image forwards the sequence while clicking or moving the mouse to the left reverses the sequence.

Because most people here can't read Japanese and would have no use whatsoever for the mini dramas, I've split this into two downloads. One with the actual main thing and the images and the other with just the mini dramas that you might want if you're Japanese (we do apparently have some Japanese visitors) or can read Japanese.

Secret area
All of the images have a little icon in the top-left that only appears when you put the cursor there; that's how you return to the gallery. That's not what this paragraph is about though; there's also a little Japanese phrase in the top-right corner of a few of the images. Clicking on this takes you to a hidden menu.

Artist's website

The main download (Mediafire)
The main download (Megarotic)

The mini drama download (Mediafire)

New donation button

As you may have noticed, I've just put in a Paypal donation button. I did this for two reasons, the lesser one is that it does take quite a lot of my spare time to gather the content for this site and to upload it to the different file sharing sites. I enjoy doing it, obviously no one's forcing me to do this, but if you want to say thanks by donating even a dollar or two it'd mean a lot to me.

The main reason, and the reason you'll probably be most interested in, is that I've recently bought a few doujinshi and CG sets from; there are some things one just can't find with p2p programs. I spent a total of around $40 on various things, about $20 of which were Dragon Quest related and will be uploaded over the next few days. It made me realise that it would be a good idea to accept donations so I could buy more doujinshi and put them on the site - the really hard to find ones.

If seven of you donate only a dollar each, that's another doujinshi or CG set of DLsite. If I get more than that I can buy physical doujinshi from Japan and scan them. Of course, I'll be doing this only for the doujinshi that I just can't find any other way. If you want to go to and look for doujinshi that you'd like to see on this site and email me about it, I'll buy that one next unless more people request another one.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

BatoSuta, Comitore 10 and Hansoku naguru keru ijimeru

Three doujinshi here, the first is based on Dragon Quest IV and is just straight forward sex. The second is based on Dragon Quest III and has some tentacle with the witch and then a futanari fighter being teamed up on by various enemies in the pyramid near Isis. It's very short but I think it's a good little doujinshi. The third one is Dragon Quest III again and features fairly vanilla stuff with the exception of some very milky breasts and a bit of anal.

BatoSuta by AVA and Samoyedest

AVA's website
Samoyedest's website

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Comitore 10 by Doronuma Kyoudai

Artist's website

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Hansoku naguru keru ijimeru by FULLMETAL MADNESS

Artist's website

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Saturday, July 26, 2008

FFXIII is NOT coming to PC

Despite different sites, including Kotaku, reporting that it was coming to PC, it turns out that it was all a misunderstanding.

Taken from Kotaku:
Update: We contacted Square Enix, and according to the company, "The game is being built using PC-based development tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s being created for the PC platform. Our current plans are to release FFXIII for the PS3 and Xbox 360 only. Sorry for the confusion!" So to recap, it's being created with PC-based dev tools, but with plans only for PS3/Xbox 360 console release.

DQ Fight 1

This is a flash game in which you go against one of five Dragon Quest girls, the selection seen on the left, in an ATB-type battle. You pick your team and abilities for them and the rewards for victory are, of course, of an adult nature. It seems as if fulfilling certain criteria unlocks different scenes. It sounds great, right? The problem is that it's all in Japanese and it's a real bitch to figure out what you're doing. Well, good luck and please report any findings here.

This is by the doujinshi circle Crimson Comics. They've done several other games like this, of Bleach and Final Fantasy, for example, but this one seems to be the most tricky one to figure out. Typical! DQ Fight 2 coming soon.

Artist's website

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Please note, the screenshots are bad quality because I used MSPaint to save them; the actual game looks better than this!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dragon Quest III visual novel

OK, something a bit different for you today. This is a fully-fledged visual novel in which you play the main (male) character of DQIII and make a party of women to, er, well I'm not exactly sure what you do because I can't read Japanese. I've just done two playthroughs, with 'skip' on constantly, and didn't get any hentai scenes. That said, the majority of images in the gallery are still locked. Basically, try it for yourself; I might just be doing something very wrong.

This download is presented to you in torrent form because to total size is around 600mb. It'll be slow at first because my upload speed is pretty bad but I'm doing super-seeding so if enough of you jump onboard it should end up going a lot faster. This is also a test of an idea that someone suggested to me via email the other day; a plan to make all of this site's content available via torrent so that you can keep up to date with a single torrent file.

Download the torrent here and please be patient. If you don't have a torrent program already, may I recommend µTorrent. You can see the game creator's site here but there isn't really much on it.

UPDATE: It is a hentai game, apparently. You can see two samples of the h-scenes here and here.

FFXIII coming to PC

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of FFXIII, has mentioned that the game is also coming to PC. He's also stated that they don't know how long the 360 version will take, possibly implying that it may be released later than the PS3 version in the west, but that really is just speculation.


I should really stop doing Final Fantasy stuff on a Dragon Quest blog but Square Enix keep releasing Final Fantasy info and not Dragon Quest so I'm just going with the flow here. Anyway, more Dragon Quest doujinshi and/or HCG coming later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First impressions of FFIV

OK, to get straight to the point: I'm impressed. Square Enix have done a great job with this remake. There's more to do than in the original and the graphics are updated just enough to enhance the game without losing the charm of the original.

However, since I'm also playing Dragon Quest III at the moment, I'm struck by how very linear this game is. In DQIII you create your party by choosing between zero and three party members to accompany your hero. You can choose their class and edit their stats within reason. You can actually make more than three characters and swap them in and out of your active party. The game's mostly linear at first, though there are usually a few ways to approach something, but after a while it totally opens up and you can sail around the whole world in your boat and find your own adventures, the story being related to you through conversation with NPCs rather than through cutscenes.

By contrast, Final Fantasy IV forces your party selection on you from the very start, you can only go to the single next location; no room for exploration here. Because your party selection is forced, you can't overcome challenges by creating a great team that works together, you just have to hope you're already at the level where you either do enough melee damage or have been given the right spells for the job. Of course, the good side of the total control the game exerts over its players is that the game is far more cinematic (in terms of being story-led) than DQIII and you're going to be playing in order to see what happens to the characters or to see what the next location holds whereas in DQIII it's more of a general sense of adventure and exploration.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Final Fantasy IV release

As most of you will know, the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV came out on the 21st in America. You should be able to find it quite easily, if you know what I mean. I'm not a big fan of this game but I'm still going to give it a shot and maybe the changes they're meant to have made to the character depth and character interactions will make it more enjoyable to me.

To commemorate the release of the game, here's an English doujinshi, translated by the Fakku team.

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

And a few assorted Final Fantasy IV pics.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mugenkidou 1, 2 and 3

Mugenkidou 4 was posted the other day and someone asked if he'd done more Dragon Quest sets. Well here they are, I don't know if there's a 5th Dragon Quest set he did but I don't think so. Don't forget to read the post below this before you go off with this trio of Mugenkidou goodness.

Artist's website

Mugenkidou 1 is Dragon Quest III, features the usual classes and the hero and has some tentacles at the end.

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Mugenkidou 2 is Dragon Quest IV and features the four main female characters. Again, quick tentacle scene at the end.

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Mugenkidou 3 is a mixture of many Dragon Quests. It has the princess from DQ, a few of the classes from DQIII, then various characters from DQIV through VI and finally Jessica from DQVIII. There may be a few more that I've forgotten and since I've only recently got into Dragon Quest properly there'll be some characters I don't recognise yet.

Mediafire download
Megarotic download


Image gallery

I'm looking into making an image gallery so I can host one-off pics and it'd be also good if you could upload your own pics to share with other visitors, though I don't know if that last one's viable without hosting a Danbooru-style site on a paid server. If any of you know of any free online gallery hosts (not just image hosts, like imagevenue) then please tell me about them! Oh, and obviously they have to accept porn being on their servers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Download stats

I'm very impressed and pleasantly surprised at how many downloads have occurred since this site was started only two days ago. You can see the stats on the right in the screenshot of my Mediafire account information. Just to give you the whole picture, about 100 of those downloads are for a .rar featuring two Diebuster doujinshi, another three with Etrian Odyssey doujinshi and finally a rar'd torrent for the MGS4 "movie" that I've also shared via 4chan prior to making this blog. However, there have also been about 120 downloads via Megarotic which offsets that.

Also, I just want to say that if you like a particular set/doujinshi and want to see more of that sort of content, comment about it so I know what stuff you all like! Just a "thanks" or "moar tentacles!!11" would let me know that I'm putting up the sort of stuff you want and steers me in the right direction.

Gold Coin 2, 3 and 4

Nicely drawn hentai with nothing out of the ordinary apart from a few tentacle pics at the end of Gold Coin 2 and 3. That'll be good for some of you and bad for others, I guess. Gold Coin 2 is Dragon Quest III, as is Gold Coin 3 but the latter also has the thief who wasn't in the previous one. Gold Coin 4 is Dragon Quest IV. I wonder what happened to Gold Coin 1?

Gold Coin 2

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Gold Coin 3

Mediafire download
Megarotic download

Gold Coin 4

Mediafire download
Megarotic download