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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Midara na DQ Roto, by HIZA RAIDA

Another update today since I just bought two CG sets from DLsite. This is the first one; I only bought it because it has Loto in it and then I find out it's just this picture (there's a cumming and not cumming version).

Characters: Princess Laura, Princess of Moonbrook, Loto, and then every DQIII class.

Keywords: oral, fingering, handjob, breast squeezing, tit fuck

Mediafire download

Artist's website unknown

Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi ni Shukufuku wa, by Uran-Factory

Most of that is of course the title of DQVIII so I think that means "The Sky, the Ocean, the Earth, and the Cursed Princess are Blessed" which sounds a bit weird. Or is it "The blessing of the Sky, the Ocean, the Earth and The Cursed Princess"?

Well anyway, this is doujinshi has inconsistent art that varies frame by frame between "OK" to "quite bad", although it's certainly better than the truly badly drawn doujinshi I've seen. The first story has the heroes walking into a pub with the bunny girls having sex with the patrons, I think Angelo is meant to leave with one of them but it's hard to tell. Then, later, Jessica shows the hero how wet she is and the have sex. Just like how it works in real life!

Unfortunately this story is marred by Yangus sex... Yeah, he's a great character but having him appear in hentai is like opening a porn mag to see your grandma on the centre spread. Still, his appearance is nowhere near as much a boner-killer as Man-Jessica in the last doujinshi (admittedly, that was a joke story anyway) or as that weird fat guy popping up in that recent DQV doujinshi. There's a second story featuring sex between Medea and the hero, pretty straight forward stuff here.

Main characters: Jessica, Medea

Other characters: bunny girl, then in omake pics there are; Red, scholar girl, a girl that resembles Maribel but is - I think - just some DQVIII NPC since all the characters in this are from DQVIII, someone who looks kinda like Meena but is probably meant to be Kalderasha's daughter - Valentina, a maid NPC, Carrie (woo! I really like her but pics of her are rare), another NPC that I don't recognise - looks like a loli with tits, another bunny girl and the dancing girl, a witch enemy.

Please comment and tell me if you recognise any of the characters I don't or if I got any of them wrong!

Keywords: breast squeezing, nipple sucking, licking out, fingering, girl licking her own breasts, light bondage, oral, anal, double penetration, bukkake

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Kikan Yumi Ichirou vol.7, by A-Office

This is a very nice doujinshi for lovers of huge breasts. Jessica is raped by a group of men as the Godbird Staff (with Rhapthorne in) lies nearby. At the end she kills the men and thus her transformation to "Evil Jessica" is complete - this is meant to be right before you fight her at Arcadia.

It's followed by a pretty similar set of hentai scenes, this time featuring a character I'm not familiar with. She looks kind of like a Queen's Blade or Mai-Otome character, though I'm not really familiar with them too much.

There's then a really bizarre non-H story about an incredibly manly Evil Jessica (we're talking "bodybuilder in Jessica's dress" here) visiting some Marimite characters. Again, left in for the sake of completion.

Keywords: huge breasts, forced, gangbang, tit fuck

Mediafire download

Artist's website

More DQIX screens - some female characters revealed

Three female characters that will be featuring in DQIX can be seen here and, below, you'll see pictures of the various classes. They are soldier, mage, priest, thief and martial artist aka fighter. It's quite exciting to finally see some actual characters rather than just generic NPCs - after all, it's the specific characters that come to mind when you think of an RPG and up until now there were no known characters in the game.

It also lets us know what sort of hentai we'll be getting when Japan starts cranking it out - this is the first thing I thought of when I saw the image on the left, perhaps not surprisingly.

The things you can change for your characters are: sex, body type, hair shape, hair color, face, skin color, eye color and name.

Information courtesy of tummai, scans courtesy of Fates and

Friday, November 21, 2008

New DQIX screens at RPGamer

15 new screens over at, though I seem to recognise quite a few of them. Maybe they're just in areas we've already seen previews of?

The main thing that strikes me about them is that the town areas look quite atmospheric - something I was really hoping for after DQVIII did such a nice job with its towns and how they looked so great at every time of day.

There's more info, translated by tummai from the Famitsu article in which the screens appeared:
1. There are towns and villages, plural

2. There are pots to smash just like DQV and later

3. You can apparently change your formation when exploring the world map. By formation, I mean change your party from walking all in a straight line to walking in a box, and possibly others. This is based on screen shots where the party is seen walking in a box formation.

4. The exclamation mark above the monster's head (on page 2) indicates that the monster has seen you. Maybe he'll run and engage you in a battle? Notice the snail whose back is turned does not have this exclamation mark.

5. Monsters will be easier to identify in the daytime.

6. Nocturnal monsters will come out at night (that you normally can't fight in the daytime).

7. One good observation that I missed before. In the screenshots for the Item Store, Church and Inn, the inn sticks out. Not only does it have 2 new options not in previous games ("View guestlist" and "Try to sell stuff"), but the innkeeper has a name above her textbox "Rikka". The church priest and the item shop merchant don't have names, so they are guessing that this inn is a special place, like Luida's Tavern or the Dharma Shrine.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just started Dragon Quest VII & a huge wall of text about taking your time in RPGs

(If you really can't be bothered to tackle this immense wall of text, just skip to the bottom for some images of Maribel and a link to the 15 chapters of the Dragon Quest VII official manga!)

A very late night post just to say that after playing a bit more Tales of Eternia I felt in the mood to play another RPG rather than just ploughing through ToE and decided to eventually start playing Dragon Quest VII.

Just to explain that, I have a horrible tendency to just play RPGs for way too long in each session and then forget most of the plot points. It also takes things out of perspective; when I first played FFVII it took me several play sessions to get out of Midgar - I must have been playing for less than an hour each time. When I finally got onto the world map it felt like some epic acheivement since my journey through Midgar had taken almost a week in real time at one hour a day. It also fitted in with the characters' experience since the events leading up to their arrival at Kalm are obviously meant to take several days, not just six hours.

Recently I'll do things like play Persona 3 in 14 hour sessions which really takes away that slow but steady sense of discovery and progression that can really add weight and scope to an RPG's story. It's horrible to think that had I had this tendency back when I played FFVII, I would have not only got through Midgar in one go, I would also have got through Barret's hometown at least. I'd have gone from being totally new to the game and being introduced to Barret to pretty much completing his sub-plot in one go, via all the events of Midgar, Kalm, Fort Condor, Junon, Costa del Sol, Corel Town and the Gold Saucer all in one long session.

I decided to pretty much force myself to play in smaller sessions. I've sort of managed to do it with ToE so far, splitting my 12 hours of progress into 3 different sessions and one of the ways I've done it is to switch to playing another game rather than playing the same one until I can't keep my eyes open any more.

In this case I turned to DQVII and - bearing in mind that I haven't properly played V or VI yet and that I've only now played VII for a couple of hours - found it to be a really nice mix between the things I found so great about VIII with the old school things that I to IV had but VIII didn't seem to. Even slightly negative things that you still get attached to, like the bits when you think "What the fuck am I meant to do now?" and just wander around helplessly are in DQVII but didn't occur in VIII (for me, anyway). My only complaint is that it looks pretty ugly - I'd definitely say they jumped the gun when it came to making the switch to 3D (never mind moveable-camera-3D).

Anyway, now for some related goodies. First of all there's the official manga which has been translated by fans... Arbiter of Time, a member of Dragon's Den, posted a link to the official manga of the game. You can get every chapter released so far from here, direct downloads.

And here are some pics of Maribel. It seems that fan art (particularly hentai) of DQVII
is pretty rare, especially compared to DQIII, IV and VIII.

Hentai/sexy stuff:

Innocent stuff:

Dragon Quest III (SNES) English fan translation

As some of you will know, there's a fan translation of DQIII nearing completion. Like all such fan projects there's a "ready when it's finished" attitude going on but it does sound as if it should be released near Christmas. I believe they're in the testing phases right now. There are updates posted in the DQIII (SNES) board on GameFAQs if you want to keep an eye on it yourself.

For now, here's the intro in English - with at least one grammatical error but that should be the sort of thing they're fixing up as we speak.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zenryoku Bianca, by Machwing

Another Bianca doujinshi here. This one is more like a black and white image collection than a doujinshi. I don't think there's a single line of dialogue in it and all the artwork is full page.

It simply consists of Bianca having sex with various DQ creatures and characters, in various stage of willingness and sometimes even hypnotised/asleep. As with the disturbing fat guy from the last doujinshi, I don't know who a lot of these characters are so I'll just put descriptions in rather than the names you may well know them by.

Characters: (in order of appearance) Bianca with - hero, alone (just posing), some chancellor-looking guy, the weird fat guy from before, her son, glasses wearing guy, Marquis Regent/King Leo from DQIV, Heal Slimes, King Slime, hypnotising mages, Slime Knight and his slime, bearded devil monsters, weird sludge monster, the horse boss that's often pictures with her, decrepit mage, hovering Chinese dragon man... and that's it!

Keywords: (in order of appearance) breast squeezing, handjob, fingering, nipple tweaking, oral, pregnant, forced, lactation, sleeping, voyeur, straight shota, incest, drugged, trapped inside King Slime, hypnotised, anal, tentacle (well, "tail" to be more precise).

Artwork: Full page images, very clearly drawn with very sharp lines and no sketchiness.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Biakue, by Momoiro Rip

This shows Bianca teaching the very naive hero about sex. It moves from her being embarrassed about his ignorance (or so it seems to me) to them having anal sex against a tree, to Borongo joining into one of their sex sessions and finally to her being pregnant and having sex with him again.

There's then a pretty disturbing short story featuring the hero and some fat guy from DQV. Since I only got to the first dungeon after getting Bianca on the SNES DQV I won't know who this guy is until the DS remake comes out in February. I, er, I think I can wait. I left this story in because I know a lot of people like to actually collect doujinshi rather than just fap at the good bits. Maybe some of you also have a fat guy yaoi fetish too.

Characters: Just the DQV hero and Bianca with a cameo from Borongo... And then a brief appearance of that guy in a separate story.

Keywords: big tits, nipple sucking, lactation, pregnancy, anal, oral, beastiality, double penetration. And then yaoi, anal.

Artwork: Clear and well-drawn throughout. Can get a little cluttered with sound effects and panel layout but remains easy to follow.

Mediafire download

Artist's website

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sex Devil Innzilyuu Miss Slave, by I's

Or DQ女キャラ凌辱 ~性魔・淫獣堕落嬢~ if you prefer. Well don't ask me what the hell that English title is all about; it's just what it said on the rar. Well this is the long-delayed next in the series of I's uploads I said I'd do.

It features DQIII and VIII characters. Well, DQIII characters and Jessica, to be more accurate. Standard fare in this set - various DQ enemies have their wicked way with the heroines and it always ends with bukkake.

The header image is unrelated, it's just a cool pic and there wasn't really a suitable "title" image from the set to use.

Jessica, sage, jester, (female) Loto, cleric, warrior

Keywords: forced, tentacles, (fairly) large insertion, slime, bukkake

Mediafire download

(Artist's website unknown)

Dragon Quest IV heroine pictures

I just found a nice loli pic of the DQIV heroine (or "low teen" as I call this age group in terms of hentai) so here it is along with some other DQIV heroine pics. Not all of them are ecchi/hentai but then there doesn't seem to be that much hentai of her, especially when it comes to one-off pics.

The DQIV heroine just grows on me more and more. It may be because she seems to be more human (oh ho, not quite, I know) that Loto who has this legendary status. I mean, in DQIII there are no other characters per se for Loto to interact with but the DQIV heroine has a cast of different personalities to give her a personality by association, if you see what I mean.

Then special mention goes to this pic since it's one of the first non-DQVIII pics I saved and the picture that is partly responsible for getting me interested in the rest of the series. I also saw a few female Loto pics that I just saw as "female warrior" pics and later found out were DQ-related when I started getting into the series more.

Finally, this pic gets special mention just because of- D'AWWWW!