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Friday, January 2, 2009

(C75) Nitro Attack, by Doronuma Kyoudai

It's this circle again, made up of Mr.Lostman and Mr.RED-RUM. As is always the case, the first story is better drawn and features those big bandit-type enemies; in this case having sex with Loto. The story/set-up actually seems quite interesting in this one, it isn't just simple monster rape.

I know very little Japanese but when the big guy is about to penetrate Loto, she does a funny proud face and says something that has the kanji for either mother or father (I forget...) so I think she's saying something like "father would be proud of me!".

Then, in line with their other DQ stuff, the second story is less well drawn and features futanari and tentacles. In this case we see Loto and a female warrior being molested by a giant squid enemy.

Keywords: consensual monster sex, large insertion, oral, tentacle, futanari, forced


Anonymous said...

What's the constant obsession with half the Doujin artists out there and dick girls/Hermaphrodites? And its not limited to female versions of 'heroes' like in Dragon Quest. They have to turn nearly every popular (or even completely obscure characters) into futanari. And the sad part is....many times, they feature some of the best drawn art in Doujins I've ever seen. Just with huge pulsating dicks attached.

Same thing with the tentacles.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who would have ever imagined there are people that don't share your exact interests in porn. Astounding.

Devoto said...

People that like futanari often make the very valid argument that they'd rather see the dick on a beautiful woman than on a man, particularly an ugly one, as so many of them are in doujinshi.

I mean, after all, you're going to looking at cocks one way or another, so why not keep the bear minimum and eliminate the rest of the man, swapping him for a sexy girl?

I only have a problem with futa when it gets crazy - immense dicks and giant balls. That's just focusing on the cock and not on the girl and cocks are not pretty.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, cocks are kinda' cute, imo! Then again, I can get into almost any kind of porn, really.

Anonymous said...

You're not always going to see dicks one way or the other. Many doujins feature just 'softcore' images of nudity or go to great lengths to feature sex showing no male genitalia at all. This lame repeated 'who would have thought no one likes what you like' thing is just a cop out when its featured so prevalently across the board. And especially based on the nature of what it is, putting a dick on a girl.

But yeah, I understand the nature of it, especially in Porn. Certain people are going to be interested by more and more unique things. I mean, the very fact that we are debating about naked pictures of Akira Toriyama's Anime/Game character designs should throw up a sign here.