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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In this new doujinshi a staggeringly ugly man captures and rapes Bianca after becoming jealous of the hero. He then dresses her up in a bikini, milks her and then rapes her again.

Keywords: big tits, large nipples, forced, bukkake, lactation, breast feeding, licking out, imprisonment


Anonymous said...

THe "staggeringly ugly man" must be a merchant from DQV. I somewhat remember him from somewhere. Wasn't he the dude that stood under the waterfall, the one that actually pinches Bianca's butt in the game?

Anonymous said...

Considering the name of the Doujin, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the "staggeringly ugly man" is Sancho, one of the minor characters in DQV, who happens to be really fat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... this guy is Sancho. He's not exactly what I'd call a "minor" character though. He plays a fairly noticeable role in the plot of the game.

First off he's the guy your father Papas visits in the beginning of the game in Santarosa. It's in his basement that you travel to the fairy kingdom.

Later he plays a role in your return to Granvania... also being the one to travel with your children to find you after you're turned to stone.

If you've ever read the Tenkuu Monogatari comics which focus on the hero's children Sora & Tan... Sancho is a central character in that story too (as it follows the children's travels with him to find their father).

Anonymous said...

Oops... that was supposed to read Sora & TEN not Sora & Tan... urg...